Any information that you supply to me, including your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number, as well as other non-public information that you may include in your comments, is for my benefit only. I do not share your information with third parties.


MailChimp is my newsletter provider, and you can read their privacy policy here.
I receive an email notification from MailChimp when users subscribe or unsubscribe, but I delete these emails regularly. I do have access to the data provided by you (e.g. email address) and stored by Mailchimp.

Pattern & eBook sales

The shopping cart on this website is Ravelry's and you can read their privacy policy here.
I receive a copy of each download email that automatically gets sent out by Ravelry after purchase. The purpose of these emails is to provide me with proof of delivery. Ravelry stores your email address, which may be linked to your Ravelry account if you are a member, and I have access to this sales information. I regularly delete my copies of these download emails from my web-based email.

Payments and transactions

All payments are processed through PayPal and you can read their privacy policy here.
Currently, with the new PayPal arrangement with Ravelry, I do not receive any notifications of payment emails. Previously I would receive an email with each purchase but they were also regularly deleted. 

Comments and blog posts

This website is built and hosted by SquareSpace and you can read their privacy policy here.
I receive a notification email when a comment is left on my blog. These emails are regularly deleted from my inbox, but they remain stored with SquareSpace. SquareSpace also gives me website analytics like popular content, traffic information and geographical insights but I receive no personal details. All of this data is stored within SquareSpace.

Direct email

When you email me directly I may store these emails in my email provider's web-based Inbox, so that I have a record of our discussion in case you contact me again or in case I need to use this discussion to modify a pattern, or the content of this website. 


Ravelry (the shopping cart that I use on this website), MailChimp (the mailing list provider for newsletter subscribers), PayPal (the payment processor) and SquareSpace (the website host) use cookies to fulfill their purpose. For example, they will remember whether you've left a comment before or or have an item in your shopping cart. These can be deleted as per your request via your browser.

My patterns are also available from other platforms such as EtsyLoveknitting, Craftsy, Patternfish and Makerist. Click on the links to see their privacy policies. I don't receive order details and customer data from these platforms.

For any specific questions or concerns regarding privacy information, please contact us (click on envelope icon at the bottom of this page).