Still Woods: Alternating cable cast on

This tutorial corresponds to the alternating cable cast on used in the Still Woods knitting pattern by Frogginette Knitting Patterns.

Note: click on speaker icon to mute the music.


- The alternating cable cast on is a good choice when casting on for 1x1 rib or 1x1 twisted rib.

- The slip knot counts as the first cast on stitch. On the next row, it can either be purled or knit, depending on what you need. In this demonstration, it will be knit on the next row.

- All stitches except the first two are created by inserting the needle BETWEEN stitches, not through stitches.

- if you are "lost" you can look at your cast on to see what comes next: stitches that "jut" forward will be knit in the next row, stitches that "recede" will be purled in the next row.

- to work in the round: you'll need an even number of stitches. The slip knot will count as a purl stitch. Work the cast on flat, ending with a "knit" stitch, then join in the round and start your first row of 1x1 rib or 1x1 twisted rib.