4 podcasts to listen to while knitting

Watching TV is a perfectly acceptable activity while knitting, but sometimes I prefer to just listen. When I feel isolated working from home all day, it's nice to hear these now-familiar voices chatting away about knitting-related topics. I thought I'd share my favorite knitting podcasts (in no particular order) for your listening pleasure. I've also listed specific episodes that I've found particularly enjoyable when I could remember them off the top of my head.

Enjoy, and don't forget to give me your own recommendations!

4 Podcasts for knitters article from frogginette.com


1) Knit.fm


Note: This one is unfortunately no longer updated but you can still access the archives!

I really like the easy conversational rhythm that Pam Allen and Hannah Fettig have. You just feel like you're in Maine, sipping a nice cup of tea while knitting and listening to them talking about techniques and discussing their creative process for our benefit. All in a very simple, unpretentious way. They sound approachable and fun and I really enjoy listening to the sound of their voices. Like any real-life conversation this one is full of detours and back-tracking but I think that makes it all the more charming.

Recommended Episodes:

You can find all Knit.fm episodes here.


2) Woolful

I absolutely love Woolful. I have discovered so many fascinating personalities listening to it. The host, Ashley Yousling, is a very good listener. She mostly (wisely) lets her guests take the lead, just redirecting briefly if needed or having more of a conversational style if that is what they need to open up. I feel like I've gained much more knowledge about all the influencers and out-of-the-box thinkers of the knitting industry.

Recommended episodes:

You can find all Woolful episodes here.


3) A playful day

This podcast transports you into Kate O'Sullivan's world, her crafty endeavors and musings about her daily life, recipes and essays. This is a very rich, inspiring podcast. Kate's voice and tone are very soft and feminine and soothing, and she's got a lovely British accent. But don't let the sweetness fool you. She has a strong point of view and her podcast conveys both her "slow-crafting," creative lifestyle and, through interviews, her ideas about supporting small and local creative businesses.

Recommended episodes: 

You can find all A Playful Day episodes here.


4) Truly Myrtle

New-Zealand-based Libby Jonson takes you with her on her creative journey and shares her challenges, doubts and triumphs. In addition to being an accomplished knitwear designer, Libby is a skilled sewer and explores how best to make her own wardrobe, one that will actually fit in with her style and every day life. Her podcast is easy to listen to and can be in turn introspective, informational or downright inspiring, with many great interviews of fellow designers.

You can find all Truly Myrtle episodes here..

Have you listened to any good podcasts lately? What are your favorites?