German short rows in the round: video tutorial

Have you gotten super frustrated with the look of your short rows when knitting in the round? Specifically, the look of that last W&T (or double stitch if you use German Short Rows) when you pick up the wrap (or knit the two legs of the double stitch together) to resume working in the round?

Me too! I got so annoyed that EVERY technique I tried seemed to leave a stretched out stitch, a gap, or both. I tried varying tension, and redistributing any slack to neighboring stitches from the WS, and to be fair, sometimes that helped a lot. But the result I was able to get was still not invisible enough for me. After many online searches, and fiddling around with lots of other people's tricks, I was still not quite satisfied. 

Finally, when using German Short rows (the easiest, most foolproof method I think) i tried modifying the pick up method of that last double double stitch. And lo and behold, I liked the result. It's not completely perfect but I think it's quite close:

Important caveat: I think that getting a good result when it comes to the look of short rows has a lot to do with individual tension, which explains why some people will rave about a technique, and others can't seem to replicate the results. So I encourage you to use a swatch (in the round!) and try a few different methods and see what works best for you.

Here's a few more tutorials I found and tried that I think were good, if you want to give them a try. Please feel free to suggest anything else you think is great, and I'll add it to the list:

Japanese short rows tutorial by Ysolda Teague (Please note: her explanations for modifying the technique for knitting in the round is in the Notes section under the video)

This technique, which I randomly stumbled upon.